Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colorado Temporary Drivers License Template


.... that the Christmas season is something very wonderful,
my loved ones?
There is so much mystery in the air,
it is filled with secrecy, nice and cozy scents
After a beautiful morning ride through
had made our core forest, which passed
afternoon, with tinkering and pottering way too fast!
This little heavenly

decorated with a round cardboard box, which I have stuck with old
book paper and ribbon and embellished.

the same speed it was enough even for this small

and because I was just so in the shot, I like
still cooked my delicious Christmas Confiture,
from fresh pineapple, pink grapefruit, lemon and a hint of anise

you want the recipe? With pleasure!
your rolls a pineapple, a pink grapefruit and a lemon
and sets the whole thing for a few hours with the corresponding
volume preserving sugar (looks on the package, how much it needs!)
Then let her the sweet mass 4 minutes until bubbly
fills them in hot rinsed glasses let 2-3 star anise
-sink is DONE!
The Confiture tastes really great, I would like a few glasses
, beautifully decorated, of course, give away for Christmas.

And because it's so late already and I think guys in the stable
hear neighing after supper, I'll do for today
back end!

I wish you all a wonderful third Advent
week with lots of little secrets and surprises
send you my best regards and see you soon!

your wife Hummel


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