Saturday, July 17, 2010

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love my grandma is on the last
Thursday, in its one hundred and first Age,
my loved ones.

A beautiful roses I want to dedicate
, in memory of a warm,
strong personality who has a big part
influenced my life so far!

This beautiful gem that has heard it, I got
given some time ago
I will take good care and think carefully at the sight
every time you,
Gross Mom!


Since there is unmistakable summery hot now, I
me to this fascinating, generous dress
purchased. (Evelinsche, you can now
recover, yes?)

And actually thought it was sweet to Schuhchen
at last I've found something It is now quite to my taste
, for shoes for me always a drama ....
All that I like, there's no longer in a delicate Hummel size
grrrrrr ........

they fit like a glove in the business, But no sooner had I taken them
while, they began to push .... they are pretty
exactly 3.48 mm grummelgrummel too short .... .....
So if any of you want them (Gr. 38,
real leather, excellent workmanship!)
I'll give you up for 15 € plus postage.
If interested, please do!


And that's it for today!

The small toffee ....

... and I wish you a wonderful weekend,
followed by a lively start to the new
week, and you know:


very warm greetings, see you soon,

your H U M M E L


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